One in a million

My Nanna was one in a million. She was everything a grandmother should be, and then some. She was warm and affectionate, loving and full of life. She always had time for us. She was always welcoming and generous.

 My Nanna was one of the most creative people I know. She loved the fine arts of embroidery, cross stitch, knitting and tapestry. She would make the most intricate and life like porcelain dolls and clothe them with tiny little handmade garments. She was always creating. My Nanna was an inspiration.

I don’t know anyone on earth who could make a pavlova like my Nanna! She was an incredible baker. Nothing was ever too hard for her. Sponge cakes, pavs, lamingtons…..she was a whizz in the kitchen.

Sadly, my Nanna passed away last weekend. She was 90 years old.


 I can’t begin to describe how many wonderful memories I have of  the years spent with my cousins, who were like siblings, centred around the loving home of my grandparents. I am forever grateful for the love, the laughter, the fun, the camping, Christmas lunches, hand made presents, doll houses, love, care and attention that flowed so naturally out of the home and hearts of such a special family.

Remembering all the yesterdays,
The special growing years
Spent with friends and family
And shared with smiles and tears….
Remembering all the yesterdays
And knowing as we do
The love in those sweet memories
Was all wrapped up in you.
Forever in our memories
Always in our hearts
Until we meet again
We will always love you.

1923 – 2013


4 thoughts on “One in a million

  1. GORGEOUS!!! She was a cool chick just like her granddaughter…and also the creative gene has continued….you do her proud my friend. XXOO

  2. Wow-what a special Nana. I now know where you get your amazing creativity & special talents from! These cakes look just perfect for such a special tribute! I love the stitchery-very special!! xoxo

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