Down by the sea – baby shower


When I was asked to make a feature cake and cupcakes with a sea/beach theme for a baby shower, I was pleasantly challenged. After researching all of the possibilities, I knew that I wanted to to create a show stopping display which had an authentic beachy feel about it.
The feature cake was a dark chocolate mud cake with Kahlua buttercream, and the cupcakes were rose & vanilla with white chocolate shells and sugar shards topping the vanilla buttercream.

Congratulations to the beautiful new Mama to be. 

8 thoughts on “Down by the sea – baby shower

  1. GORGEOUS chick!! Reminds me of Shelleys wedding cake with the shells all over it too….and the sand :-)) LOVE the shards….and the music just tops it all off!! X

  2. Little Miss Cupcake, Kahlua is a coffee flavoured liqueur which I also used in the chocolate mud cake. Coffee enhances chocolate in a cake, without dominating the flavour. For the buttercream, I just added one tablespoon of Kahlua in the icing. xx

  3. Hi what is the water splash candy or how did u make it i love this idea for my sisters baby shower

  4. Hello. The water splashes are made from toffee or sugar shards. A little bit tricky as you need to get the sugar off the heat before it turns into toffee, but with a practice you should be fine. I put a tiny bit of blue food colouring in mine before spreading them out on baking paper. HOpe this helps. Anna

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